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About Me

Hi everyone. I’ve started a photography business, mainly dogs and horses, because I’ve been doing it already for practically my whole life, and have loved it my whole life. I decided this year to get a really good camera and a couple of lenses which could handle difficult high speed motion photography. For all of these years, I’ve been struggling with not being able to get good photos of high speed events, mainly because the focusing system of whatever camera I was using couldn’t handle focusing on something that was moving fast.Well, I was so pleased with the new camera, and my sort of far off idea of actually doing this as a business became became much more in focus, you might say. My first effort, I just went to an event, showed up, and asked “may I take photos?” “Sure!” was the response! That got me started, and I’m hoping that this will be a good trend of being welcomed to photograph many other events. Of course there are other photographers doing many of these… “official photographers” you might call them, but in any case, I’ve encountered enough where there were no photographers, and I was really appreciated at those events.I’m going to be doing family pet “portrait” type photography as well, and hope to post some of those photos in the near future. Thanks for your interest in my site here and my business, will keep you all “posted” as to how things are proceeding!


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